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When it was established best Tatung Fine Chemicals Co . cooperated with famous Japanese and American companies and became the first company to introduce cationic electro-deposition coatings in Taiwan market. However, he  termination of the cooperation with the foreign  manufacturers had brought some downturn to thecompany's store Nevertheless,after devoting all their efforts to develop cationic electro-coatings, the R&D department of the company finally commercialized the new products successfully in 1994.

TFC now plays an important role in the  chemical industry in Taiwan and In order to step toward the next generation, TFC continues to develop new products and new technologies. As a result, the products of the company are gradually switched from the traditional industrial coatings to the high-value-added nano-products,such as aqueous concentrated  pigment dispersions for ink-jet inks and photo-catalyst paints.

Furthermore, the company also develops and manufactures lithium iron phosphate , a potential cathode material for  high power lithium ion batteries and Based on the responsibilities  for the employees, the communities,and the earth,TFC will continuously devote to develop the high-tech and green environ mental products. As long as the innovation goes on. TFC will always be a player in the global chemical material industry.